Neurological Disorders

Some of the Neurological Disorders:

Parkinson's disease is a chronic and progressive disorder of the brain that leads to difficulty in movement, coordination or walking. Some of the early signs of parkinson's that are an indication of this disorder are:

• Problem with balancing or walking.
• Difficulty swallowing.
• Constipation.
• Drooling i.e. dropping of saliva uncontrollably from the mouth.
• Tremors involving half of the body.

Treatment for Parkinson's disease:
• Deep Brain Stimulation: It is a technique which helps in controlling symptoms of the disorder. Electrical stimulators in specific areas of brain are placed to control the movement.
• Pallidotomy: Globus Pallidus: It is a structure in the brain that regulates the voluntary movement. When a person is suffering from Parkinson disease than this part of the brain becomes overactive. So, the surgeon destroys a small part of the globus pallidus that results in less activity in that particular area of the brain which helps in controlling symptoms like tremor and stiffness.
There is many other Parkinson's therapy like Thalamotomy, subthalamotomy or the speech therapy which helps in controlling the symptoms through which a patient goes through.

Carotid Artery Disease is a disease in which the carotid arteries, two-large blood vessels that supplies oxygenated blood to the large, front part of the brain becomes narrowed or blocked and blood can't reach to the brain. And, the patient starts suffering a condition called carotid stenosis.

Risks that can occur due to the carotid artery blockage are:
♦ High Cholesterol.
♦ High Blood Pressure.
♦ Diabetes.
♦ Alcohol use.

Carotid Artery Blockage Treatment Are:
• Carotid Artery Endarterectomy an operative procedure in which a surgeon surgically opens up the carotid artery to remove the plaque so that the risk of future strokes starts reducing.
• Angioplasty Surgery and Stenting: is an alternative to the above mentioned treatment and is more effective then the carotid artery endarterectomy.

Craniosynostosis is a premature fusion of one or more fibrous sutures that results into abnormal head shape. Some of the signs of craniosynostosis that are visible at the time of birth, but they become more clearly visible during the starting months of baby's life are:

♦ Soft spot located at the top of the head.
♦ Poor feeding.
♦ Increasing head circumference.
♦ Bulging eyes and a lack of ability of the child to look upward with the head facing forward. ♦ Seizures.

Treatment for Craniosynostosis Surgery:
For this craniosynostosis surgery, a specialist in surgery of the head and face (craniofacial surgeon) and a neurosurgeon is required. Surgery can be performed by choosing between the following surgeries:
Endoscopic surgery: This type of surgery is mostly preferable for the babies up to the age of 6 months that are having single-suture craniosynostosis. Endoscopic surgery has a smaller incision that involves only a one night stay. Also no need of blood transfusion is there.
Open Surgery: Open surgery is for babies who are older than 6 months. In this type of surgery blood transfusion is necessary and requires minimum three to four days stay in the Hospitals.

Helmet Therapy for Infants:
The use of a cranial orthosis is a treatment recommended for infants in order to correct the baby's skull shape. With the help of a laser light scan the child's head shape is taken. As per the measurements, a custom-fitted helmet is designed. The helmet is designed with the inner lining of foam so that the required adjustments can be made after the baby wears it for a little while. The purpose of wearing a helmet is to hold the round areas of skull allowing the flat spot to regularly grow and round out on its own.
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