Kidney Transplant Surgery in India

A kidney transplant is a surgery in which a person with failed kidneys receives a new kidney. Whenever a kidney fails, patient is left with two of the options to choose between. Either he can go for dialysis or transplant.

Many of the patients choose to go for transplants as going for a transplant means greater freedom and a less strict diet. But, before making up your mind it is always advisable to speak with you family members, nurse and most importantly with your doctor.

With, Aruna Healthcare, you can go for all kinds of kidney transplantations in best kidney transplant Hospitals. Whether it’s an advanced ABO incompatible kidney transplant procedure or the robotic surgery for treating the cancer of prostrates colon/rectum or cervix. Also we can help patients by making them available the treatment for reconstructive surgery for urinary tracts, urethra or female fistula in the best Hospitals in Delhi/NCR. We believe in helping patients get all the possible advanced treatments done at the affordable prices. Choosing kidney transplant center with us will help you get your kidney transplant cost a very reasonable one. To know more about how much does a kidney transplant cost get in touch with us fast.


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